A Holistic Approach

Simba running in a creek

“I feel very fortunate to have Heather on the health care team for many of the dogs in my practice and highly recommend her as a skilled massage therapist and acupressure practitioner.”

K. De Leeuw, DVM

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Canine massage … and much, much more! Wags ‘n Wellness offers a unique approach to your dog’s overall health.

From our initial 90-minute visit, I seek to really get to know your dog: his personality, nature, skeletal structure, gait, exercise routine, dietary history, medical history and lifestyle. My holistic approach considers your whole dog, taking into account emotional, environmental, genetic, and physical factors. I identify underlying imbalances that enable chronic conditions to linger and can lead to illness and disease.

Then I work with you to design a customized, integrative (holistic) wellness plan that can include nutrition counseling, massage therapy, acupressure, Bach essences, herbal supplements, fitness recommendations and coaching through the maze of eastern and western veterinary treatment options.

Education and partnership are tenets of my practice. I encourage your involvement and partner with you, your veterinarian, and other practitioners in your dog’s care.

I use only the healing power of nature to maintain and restore health. My focus on whole-body wellness, natural foods, and non-toxic supplements helps support your dog’s body to heal itself or live more comfortably. Learn more about whether Wags ‘n Wellness is right for your dog in a free phone consultation — call 415-891-WAGS today.

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