Heather massaging Cian

“The range of motion he regains and the difference in his gait after a session with Heather are nothing short of astounding.”

A. Chamyan

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Is your dog less energetic? Does he lack the enthusiasm for walks or show a reluctance to run, play or jump into the car? What we often think of as “normal aging” can be signs your dog is in pain.

Canine massage relieves pain, soreness, and stiffness, and makes pets healthier and happier. By manipulating muscle tissue, I can improve muscle function, increase flexibility and range of motion, and speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from the body. The result? A calmer, more comfortable dog.

  • Relieve your dog’s joint pain and inflammation without drugs like Rimadyl and Metacam
  • Improve mobility using conservative management approaches in lieu of surgery
  • Keep your agility dog at peak performance
  • Help your senior dog to age gracefully
  • Build trust in puppies and rescue dogs
  • Prevent arthritis from developing prematurely
  • Alleviate anxiety in nervous dogs

When muscles are tense and contracted for long periods of time, gait abnormalities, arthritic joints, and increased strain on ligaments can occur, putting your dog at greater risk for pain and injury. I work deep into the muscle tissue to remove any fascial adhesions, ensuring that your dog regains smooth and unrestricted movement.

Professional massage can also help you identify areas of heat, pain, or swelling in your dog and is an excellent way to ensure early detection of masses. You can seek attention of a veterinarian much sooner, resulting in greater comfort for your dog and a more favorable outcome.

Through an evaluation of overall structure, balance, gait, conformation, and movement, your dog’s entire body is considered, not just a specific area of soreness. I use a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, friction and sports massage. All massage includes passive stretching to assess and measure improvements in range of motion.